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Security Cameras GK has offered the very best stainless steel Cottage cameras and Marine Camera Systems. Thousands of ships, offshore platforms, marinas, tour boats and tug boats use our equipment.

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CCTV for your Cottage & Marina

See our Monitoring System Packages for the best deals on the systems we sell the most.

Whether you need to monitor the Stern during docking or towing operations, or to monitor the Engine Room at all times, Security GK makes the best Infrared or White Light Monitoring cameras that will survive in harsh sea conditions.

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Pre-Engineered Camera Systems – ready to “Plug-n-Play” are listed below. These packages are mainly to give you an idea of what would be best for your vessel.

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    Development of a surveillance system
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    Installation and start-up of the system

Cottage & Marina Security

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You can also have a system custom Designed for your vessel – Design work is FREE.
If you need to just view the cameras or record them please call our engineers for help.


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Security GK Assembles an extensive and growing line of security cameras and digital video recorders to accomplish many tasks at all types of remote and unattended sites.

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cottage security camera
Anastasia Stone
Cottage Owner

The most affordable, stable and scalable digital system on the Market. The customer support is immediate and thorough.

Patrick James
Water Front Vacation Home

Your cameras are simply amazing. It's easy to tell they are built by real engineers who understand quality and design. You have made me a customer for life.

kawartha park marina
Steven Rashford
Kawartha Park Marina

Jessica, your lead tech, is a super at tech support, best I have ever used! He diagnosed my cable modem as being the problem behind my remote viewing issue.

Ensure the peace of vacation

For your family

Want to check that the kids made it to the cottage on time? Can’t remember if you turned the stove off when you locked up? Just want to check to see if everything’s OK? Security GK has you covered with great value security camera systems that will help to keep your vacation property a stress-free zone.

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