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When times are tough, and they often are, some folks turn to burglary and theft to supplement their incomes. And one place that is particularly vunerable to burglary are camps and cottages. That is why cottage security is important in Woodville Cottage Area.

Everyone who has a cottage has at one time or another either experienced the grief caused by thieves, which often includes a mess to clean up in addition to the loss of valuables like outboard motors, chain saws and other items that can be sold for cash.

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These days home security systems abound, CCTV, or installing a surveillance camera in locations around your property are all possible. However, you can also protect what you own without having to sell it all to buy a security system. Here are some relatively inexpensive security ideas you can do at the cottage.

Break-ins are on the rise in a number of cottage communities throughout Woodville and across Ontario.

Modern Cottages Attract Thieves

As Woodville lakefront living has evolved from being simple and rustic to grand and extravagant, cottages and their contents have become more upscale and criminals are taking notice.

Today’s lakeside sheds harbour ATVs, personal water craft and top-of-the-line fishing gear.

Inside the cabin, state-of-the-art entertainment systems have replaced the old AM/FM radio and many cottage owners keep their humble weekend homes fully stocked with fine wines, litres of liquor and succulent steaks.

All-in, the potential plunder for opportunistic thieves has increased greatly in recent years. Add to this the fact that most properties sit vacant for the majority of the season and you have the ideal recipe for a break-and-enter bonanza.

Recreational residential CCTV

To reduce the likelihood of being robbed, owners of recreational properties need to start thinking about the different ways they can make their cottages less attractive to thieves.

Which cottages are most at risk?

Security GK has some good tips on how to protect cabins in the fall and winter seasons.

Many cottagers believe that thieves prefer to rob road-access properties but Constable Grosenick suggests this is not always true. “Thieves have boats, and boats don’t leave tracks.” She makes a great point.

In the fall months, water-access properties can be particularly susceptible. Cottager activity on the lake is very low at this time of the year and most break-ins aren’t discovered until the spring when owners arrive to start the new season. Unfortunately, the damage can be extensive and any evidence that might have been available for police is often no longer present.

During the winter, truck or snowmobile tracks going into a road-access property can indicate to patrolling officers that there is some mischievous activity. Thieves have a higher risk of getting caught when they leave tracks.


Burglars might find it more convenient to target water-access cabins over the winter months. The ice roads that criss-cross the lake see regular and heavy use from the ice fishing crowd and other sports enthusiasts. Anglers, in search of constantly moving fish, will often try their luck near Woodville Area and this activity would probably draw less attention. And given the vastness of the lake, most winter visits to island properties are less likely to be noticed than those occurring on the mainland.

Boats and Water Craft

Small boats, canoes and personal water craft should not be left near the shore. Instead, bring them higher up on the property and beyond the line-of-sight of passing boats. Some cottagers leave their aluminum boat right on top of the dock during the off season. You might as well put a sign on it that says, “Steal Me!”.

As with the house in the city, it is important to make sure the cottage looks like it is being maintained on a regular basis. Consider paying one of the neighbour’s kids or the local handyman to cut the grass, clean up any debris that has washed ashore, and remove fallen tree branches. Shoreline garbage, long grass and fallen trees indicate the property has not been used for an extended period of time.

Lakefront Cottage Security

Valuable Equipment And Personal Belongings

Inside the cabin, make sure expensive electronic items such as computers, tablets, flat screens and stereo systems are not easily noticed through a window. And always lock your cottage door when you leave the property.

When you plan to be away for long periods of time, consider taking the expensive equipment home or store it in a protected facility in the local town near the cottage. Always remove all firearms and alcohol when the cottage is closed for the winter.

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