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Marinas house many boats and yachts for their owners. Many people who don’t live near a body of water or that own a dock will pay to have their valuable possession stored at a marina. With this being said, it is very important that business security systems are installed at such places. Security GK offers the full security solutions for Port Severn Marina, boats dock and yachts.

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If a criminal were to vandalize or rob any of the yachts at the marina, the marina will be held responsible. This could become quite costly. With the help of an advanced business security system from Smart Security Camera, the criminal act can be prevented or even stopped. Should the act still be committed, the criminal can be caught on video.

There are many different cameras offered for that extra security. The CCTV cameras can offer colored video, rotation and more. The IP cameras, however will allow the owner of the marina, or any other trusted individuals to monitor the marina at all hours of the day and night. Live footage will be fed through the Internet to any device that Internet can be connected to.

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Business Security Systems for Marinas

Security GK also offers our clients the satisfaction of knowing who is coming and going in the marina. There is access controlled gates that can be installed, should you choose to do this. It can be quite helpful in monitoring who is entering and leaving. This will keep out anyone who doesn’t dock at the marina. It will greatly lessen the criminal activity that might occur if the marina is left open for anyone to enter.

Security lighting on specific areas of the marina can also be installed. This will detect motion and allow the lights to turn on so that everyone is aware of the activity. Alarms can also be installed throughout the marina to assure that no one is entering areas where they are not permitted to be.

The options available are ever-going. Security GK has highly trained professionals that stay on top of the latest technology. Let’s face it, without staying on top of the endless growing advancements of technology, security systems won’t do the job. Criminals quickly find ways to commit an act regardless of the technology if it isn’t of the utmost advancement.

Security GK can provide protect solutions for marina in Port Severn area. No one wants to pay money to a dock without security or that suffers from a poor business security system. They want to know that their expensive and well-loved boat or yacht is protected with the highest quality and latest technology.

Security Cameras GK only wants to help make marina owners and even boat owners feel more secure. We want to give people the latest advancements in business security system options to protect everyone from becoming a victim of criminal activity. Contact Security GK and learn of all the options available. Consult with our professional and allow us to give their input. We will only guide you in the right direction. Our job is to help you find the best and most advanced solutions in security for the property.

Marinas house many boats and yachts

Security GK impressive list of Security clients span across Port Severn and includes Muskoka, Correctional Service Canada, and several Regional Health Authorities. Contact us 1-705-481-1585 or email [email protected]

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