Commercial Intercom Systems

Intercom systems

At Security GK we install & repair all types of audio and video door entry systems from small residential systems to large blocks of flats and commercial premises.We work for landlords, property management company’s and also private tenants in and around Muskoka, with high standards and first time repairs on most systems you can be [...]
CCTV security system


Welcome to CCTV Smart Systems your local CCTV Installations. We have been providing homes and businesses with CCTV systems locally. We use the latest technology to give you an easy to use, reliable and robust system and also have built our business on our local reputation and word of mouth from our customers. All because we [...]

IP-camera systems

IP Cameras and Installation Unlike the analog CCTV camera, with IP cameras, the camera transmits the video signal in a digital format to a device called a network video recorder or NVR. The camera is a network device which means it has an IP address assigned to it.  It transmits its signal using an Ethernet category [...]

Access control

Trusted & reliable access control Entering and leaving a building, whether a hospital, bank, large store, school, airport or office block, was once something staff and visitors alike did without a second thought. It was access based on good faith and trust. Sadly, for an increasingly large number of companies and organisations this can no [...]