IP Cameras and Installation

Unlike the analog CCTV camera, with IP cameras, the camera transmits the video signal in a digital format to a device called a network video recorder or NVR. The camera is a network device which means it has an IP address assigned to it.  It transmits its signal using an Ethernet category five wire; this is standard computer network cabling. With this method there is two way data communication.

CCTV versus IP Camera Resolution

One reason IP cameras are becoming very popular compared to analog CCTV cameras is that the IP camera transmits a very high resolution image to the NVR compared to a lower resolution image from the CCTV analog camera system. One advantage of an IP camera system is that you can use an existing computer network wiring infrastructure but the main reason is the higher resolution.


How HD security camera system works for you

  • HD CCTV security camera gives you the mental relaxation when you are out of home or your workplaces.
  • Sometimes this surveillance method is used to control the criminal activities.
  • In school, it is used to track the activities and unacceptable student behavior.
  • In Shopping Centers and retailing shop, it is used to monitor the buyer and sellers’ activities, and to track the other entire undesired incident so that the offender may be punished easily.
  • HD security cameras are frequently used in transportation system for the safety reason.

Why are we better from others?

  • We install and maintain industrial, commercial and residential HD security camera installation service with much more professionalism and great attention.
  • Before installing this equipment, we visit the site which adds no additional charges.
  • All our technical staffs and engineers are fully trained and highly skilled with immense professional knowledge and experience so that they may meet all the required needs of the clients.
  • We always assist our customer at every stage without any charges.

PTZ Camera Installation

PTZ Cameras are recommended for areas where there are far objects to cover, and locations where would be impossible to set as many cameras as required to cover the entire place, like parking lots, constructions lots, or similar places. these moving cameras are also popular for convenience or retail stores where there will be a security person tracking multiple areas from a CCTV Installations Security Room.

At CCTV Installations we offer PTZ Security Cameras installation in our CCTV Service Coverage Service Area, call us for more information.

PTZ Cameras

When you start looking for a PTZ camera you might or might not be sure what the PTZ term stands for in the CCTV language, PTZ stands for ( Pan Tilt Zoom ), meaning that these three words describe the most relevant features of this robotic style cameras. PTZ Cameras are a great tool for those locations where there is not fixed point to watch, and there are many variables or situations that you want to cover with just one surveillance camera.

PTZ Camera Types

PTZ cameras come available in Analog technology ( TV Lines ), CVI Technology ( High Definition Analog)  TVI ( High Definition Analog ), and IP. All PTZ cameras Pan and Tilt by default but the main difference to keep in mind when choosing a PTZ camera is the zooming capability, cctv installations know that the most common PTZ cameras can zoom in a range from 10x ~ 32x, and the zooming is also different if is digital or optical, being optical the best zooming resolution, as it means real zooming vision made through the camera lenses, while digital zooming is made through software.

PTZ Camera Features

  • Panning feature, that allows these cameras to rotate 360 degrees be able to get back to their original position.
  • Tilting feature is the option of going up and down even during the Panning cycle without creating any delay or affecting the panning feature.
  • Zooming will give your PTZ Camera the capability to zoom in, and zoom out objects

Hidden Cameras and Covert Cameras

hidden camera systems and covert cameras for home or Business. Our hidden camera blend into any environment. Whether you are looking for hidden video cameras for home or a hidden surveillance camera for work, we have a covert security camera to meet your needs. Looking for a smoke detector hidden the camera or a camera hidden in a clock? Our virtually undetectable hidden surveillance cameras come in a wide range of form factors.

Security GK stock a huge range of video surveillance camera products. Also, at CCTV Installation our range of covert spy cameras cover covert, overt, wired , wireless and self contained spy cameras CCTV Installation Services near me have cameras for all situations. Please view our categories below to browse our range of covert spy cameras and recorders if you do not see anything that fits your requirements please contact us as. CCTV Camera Surveillance specialises in the custom building of spy cameras and can fit spy cameras into almost any item using the latest available technology
If you are not sure of what you need, ask our experts and we will help you find the best solution to your surveillance requirements.

For many people they need a camera in the office to protect their business interests or in the home to use as a nanny cam, Sadly as seen on TV some people need to watch over vulnerable people in a nursing home or in a residential situation where carers are visiting. The self-contained spy camera recorder shown in the camera recorder section below is the most popular in these situations as these cameras record onto an internal SD card using motion detection and can often last for many months.
Furthermore, CCTV Installation Services has a range of cameras using the mobile phone network(3g) cameras and also hidden IP Cameras that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Installations Monitors 


The DVR is the heart of any CCTV Installations system. It provides recording, playback, and internet interface. With its built-in hard drive, the DVR will record continuously without tapes or supervision.

We carry a large selection of stand- alone DVR’s and computer based DVR’s capable of recording from 1 to 64 cameras simultaneously.


We offer many types of monitors including 4K LCD flatscreens which can be wall or ceiling mounted if required. So contact CCTV Installation today.